4 Reasons to Resolve to Make Your Child’s Sleep a Priority in 2014

by Amy Lage, www.wellrestedbaby.com This is a topic that I could go on and on about.  I am so passionate about sleep for us all.  Sleep is a biological need that is as important as eating, but which many of us neglect both for our children and ourselves.  Rather than ramble on I decided to give you four concrete reasons … Read More

Keep children’s sleep on track

by Deborah Pedrick Who doesn’t love the holiday season? Parties, family gatherings, travel … so much fun, but it can be a bit overwhelming for little ones. “I come from a family of nine. Yes, nine,” said Amy Lage, graduate of the Family Sleep Institute and founder of Well Rested Baby. “And my husband’s family lives a four-hour flight away. … Read More