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  Six of our Family Sleep Institute Certified Child Sleep Consultant graduates were quoted in this article titled: ” Daylight Saving Time 2014: Help your kids adjust when you turn the clock back” for the website website. To read the original article click this link:

Amy Lage – Well Rested Baby – Boston Parents Paper

  The Boston Parents Paper Education & Enrichment Guide featured Amy Lage, Founder of Well Rested Baby in her article titled “Sleep Six” to ensure your child’s academic success. Click this link to go to the digital online version:  

Amy Lage – Well Rested Baby – Hoboken Mommies 24/7

In honor of World Breast Feeding Week 8/1-8/7 Amy Lage of Well Rested Baby wrote about Sleep and Breastfeeding for the Hoboken Mommies 24/7 website. You can view the original post

Amy Lage – Well Rested Baby – Hoboken Mommies 24/7

Amy Lage founder of  Well Rested Baby discusses how gadgets and gizmos used before and during sleep can either hamper or help your baby and child sleep.  The title of this article ” SLEEP TIP THURSDAY: GADGETS AND GIZMOS AND MELATONIN, OH MY! You can read the original article by clicking here!