Appropriate Bedtime, Ages 5-6 Years – Valerie Birch with Amazing Little Sleepers – Omaha, NB

It’s August and your child is back in school.  The BEST way to prepare our children for learning and success in and out of the classroom is to ensure they are receiving enough sleep each night.  Dr. Marc Weissbluth, well-renowned pediatrician and author of Health Sleep Habits, Happy Child states “children’s sleep habits directly impact behavior and school performance.”  Diving further to explain (something all … Read More

Tracy Braunstein – Sleep Tight Solutions – Piccolo Universe

Tracy Braunstein Founder of Sleep Tight Solutions, Certified Family Sleep Institute Child Sleep Consultant and resident sleep expert for the Piccolo Universe website gave some “Back to School Sleep Tips”.  To read the original article click on this link:

Joleen Dilk-Salyn – Baby Sleep 101 – The Community Scholars Choice Website

Joleen Dilk-Salyn Founder of Baby Sleep 101 and Family Sleep Institute Certified Child Sleep Consultant is a contributing writer to The Community Scholars Choice Website in her article titled “The Secret of Back to School Success:  It’s Not What You Think”, you can read the original article by clicking on this link