This is an “Continued” training course specifically geared to Newborn Care Specialists, Postpartum Doulas, Pediatric Registered Nurses (Baby Nurses) and other in-home caregivers who are looking to further their child sleep education to include children up until 15-18 months of age.

“As in-home caregivers, we have vowed to help countless parents transition smoothly from the hospital. We enable them with the information they need to help create a successful environment for both them and their baby. We help them set a schedule, learn about swaddling, feeding and many other valuable skills.

One of the biggest gifts we provide parents during out stay is the gift of sleep. We know all to well how important sleep is to our families. And we do our very best to provide them with the most update information related to infants and sleep. But what if we could help them beyond those first few months. What if we could provide them with continuous support for the first year of their child’s life and help them understand more about the science of sleep while enabling them to take more control of their child’s sleep habits and maintain the amazing sleep habits we helped shape from our time with their little ones.

The FSI has taken your requests to heart for an continued sleep course specific to the in-home caregiver. We want to empower you to help family’s beyond the first 3 months of life. This training is to allow you to continue working with your families and guide and educate them through the many changes that occur as sleep evolves within the first 12+ months.   This guidance will empower your families with the knowledge to establish and maintain healthy sleep habits during the first critical year.”

Natalie Carney, Family Sleep Institute Certified Child Sleep Consultant, NCS and FSI Newborn Care Specialist/In-Home Care Sleep Mentor and Counselor.

Where does the course take place?:  Self Paced On-line Learning Course – with Continued Support and Guidance

When: anytime

Length of Class:  4 Modules (approx. 25/40 minutes each)

What Topics Will Be Covered:

1.  Biology of Sleep and How it Evolves as Our Babies Grow – 0-4 months
2.  Day Sleep Organization and Creating a Schedule
3.  Transitions Up Until 2 to 1 Naps
4.  Sleep Training Method Options to Suggest Depending on the Level of Complexity

For the specifics about this course click here: 

You will receive an FSI Certificate of Completion and access to the on-going support and guidance private forum from the day you begin the course.

Cost: $475, (first month membership included to the FSI Private Sleep Support and Discussion Group) *from the first day you begin the modules
Additional Cost:  continued membership after the first month @ $15 per month

If you have any questions or have issues filling out the enrollment form please email us at and in your subject please add: “Continued Sleep”, thank you!


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