FSI Child Sleep Consultant Certification

Should you become a Certified Child Sleep Consultant?

Dreading going back to work?  Are you at the point in your life where you are looking for a career that not only has meaning to you but also allows you to be with your children at home? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a career that can not only change your life but the lives of the people you work with?

Deborah Pedrick, Co-Founder of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and President of The Family Sleep Institute is offering the very first comprehensive and affordable Child Sleep Consultant Certification program.

This is a ground breaking opportunity for individuals to get the most comprehensive child sleep training program that is not limited to one specific methodology. The FSI Child Sleep Consultant Certification Program will offer an educational base for current students and graduates which provides them with a solid base of knowledge in Child Sleep Consulting and a continuing child sleep education curriculum that focuses on specific areas which influence maternity and child sleep practices as they pertain to sleep.  Only students who are currently certified by the Family Sleep Institute can be members.


The True Benefits of Receiving your Child Sleep Consultant Certification through the Family Sleep Institute:

: Applications are carefully reviewed to make sure that each incoming student is not only a good fit for the FSI Family but also a good fit for the candidate.

: The FSI Child Sleep Consultant Certification is very unique from other certifications.  We pride ourselves in keeping class sizes smaller so that the students get the most comprehensive, hands-on experience and training they can get.

: The FSI is the only certifying body that requires students to take an introductory course so that they are fully informed about what it is to be a Child Sleep Consultant.  We want all of our students to make an informed decision and our child sleep consultant certification course be the “right” fit for them.

: Deborah instructs her students “live” through on on-line webinar, just like sitting in a classroom with a lecturer but in the comfort of your own home where students and teacher interact with each other.

: We provide day and evening classes.

: We provide a solid educational base that allows our certifying graduates to confidently run their own private and independent child sleep consulting practices as soon as they graduate.  Our belief is that the most successful Child Sleep Consultants are the ones who can independently run their businesses as their own and are self-confident about their skills as a Child Sleep Consultant.  The FSI strives for this success in our students and graduates.

: The students have continuous contact with Deborah throughout the course as well as member graduates.  Our private forums and groups bring together our students and member graduates where we can discuss cases, class notes, projects and also give each other support and guidance in our independent child sleep consulting businesses.

: The FSI provides real case studies so that students can understand the process of working with families from start to finish.

: Students receive weekly outlines, learn how to design client forms, write sleep plans and put together their own seminars.

: We discuss: website options whether building your own or hiring a designer, logo design, content and SEO basics.

: Organizing your Business: from database management to managing the scheduling of clients.

          : Our certification students complete over 80+ hours of training over the course of their child sleep consultant certification.


“How Are Our Certified Family Sleep Consultant Graduates Doing? See for Yourself : Here a list of their published articles and media appearances:  Yes this will be you! Click Here” or visit on of our Pinterest boards here (you can’t “not” be impressed)


What Are the True Benefits of Being a Family Sleep Institute Member Graduate:


: The FSI provides continuous tools to help build our member’s maternity and child sleep consulting practices.

: We promote our members’ businesses daily announcing any activities, events, seminars, published articles and media appearances on our FSI Calendar of events as well as all of our social media outlets.

: Every member graduate business is listed on the FSI Child Sleep Consultant Certification graduates page.

: We provide a monthly member chat where we discuss for example: personal cases, business/marketing ideas and any other areas the members would like to discuss and on occasion we might bring in a “guest” speaker.

: The FSI also requires that graduating members keep their child sleep certification current by fulfilling continuing education credit requirements every two years.  The FSI will provide these on-line courses to it’s members or with approval accept classes/workshops outside of the FSI Institute.  For more information about these child sleep consultant continuing education courses and credit requirements please contact us.  Some of the Advanced Courses and Workshops we will be providing to our Members.

Postpartum Depression:  What are the Signs and Getting Mom Help First

Working with Families of Children with Special Needs

Child Development: A Consideration as Part of the Solution

Breastfeeding:  The In’s and Outs and the Up’s and Downs

Sleeping Issues: From the Eyes of the Pediatrician

Adult Sleep Issues: Helping the “Whole” Family

Psychological Factors that Impact Parental Investment in the Consultation Process – Parent Coaching the Core to Success

Potty Training: As It Effects Sleep

Our graduates have referred to the FSI as a “family of sleep consultants” and we would agree. This continued support and guidance from Deborah and fellow students and graduates doesn’t end after the child sleep consultant certification is completed, and this is what makes FSI graduates amazingly successful Child Sleep Consultants.


 UPDATE: The May 2014 round of classes is now full.  We are taking applications for the October 2014 course, we anticipate this filling up quickly. 

*For the October 2014 round of classes if you pay the full tuition by September 30th 2014  I will take $200 off the cost of tuition.*

Alternate Option: As always I offer my private one on one mentorship program throughout the year at a day and time that works with your schedule.  To learn more about the private one on one mentorship course please read below.

*Applying to the FSI Certified Child Sleep Consultant Program does NOT guarantee acceptance!   


4 Week Workshop * 12 Week Certification Course *  Private One on One Mentorship Program

Introductory Workshop

This is a prerequisite to the Family Sleep Child Sleep Consultant Certification

This is a 4 week online distance learning course to give students a basic understanding of what it is takes to be a Child Sleep Consultant.  It’s important that all students take this workshop before the child sleep consultant certification so that they are making the most informed decision and feel confident to move on to the child sleep certification once the workshop is completed.

Some Topics We Will Cover:

Week 1: Evolution of The Sleep Consultant

Week 2: The Successful Sleep Consultant

Week 3: The Most Common Sleeping Issues

Week 4:  Business Aspects

Tuition Investment $325 

(*Applying to the FSI Certified Child Sleep Consultant Program does NOT guarantee acceptance into the program!)

Online Child Sleep Consultant Certification Program

This is a 12 week online distance learning course which begins immediately following the Introductory Workshop.  Together with the Workshop and Child Sleep Consultant Certification, our child sleep consultant graduates complete over 80+ hours of training.

An Overview of the Topics We Will Cover:         

  • Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits from Birth Through Early Childhood: What are the components that make up healthy sleep?
  • Biological Sleep Milestones: stages and transitions
  • Safe Sleep Environments (SIDS for Professionals Course): this is a separate course and cost which you will need to complete as part of the certification requirements.
  • Common Sleeping Challenges and Solutions: behavioral, delayed onset of sleep, crying, fragmented sleep, parasomnias.
  • Parent Coaching 101
  • Twins – Guest Speaker
  • Working with Families of Children With Special Needs – Guest Speaker
  • Medical Conditions which Effect Sleep: Learn how to recognize and refer to medical professionals, adjust sleep practices around these medical challenges, respecting the pediatrician’s perspective, PPD
  • Parenting Styles: How different parenting styles and philosophies determine the style of sleep parenting
  • Case Study Reviews: specific age groups, methods used appropriate to specific situations (parenting style consideration, working schedules, make up of family, layout of the home etc.) unusual challenges/situations
  • Business Aspects: Website Design, Database Management, Marketing, Pricing
  • New course offerings and instructors for continuing education requirements.

Upcoming child sleep consultant certification course start date:  Visit our Calendar of Child Sleep Consultant Course/Workshop and Seminars

Tuition Investment – $2900 (workshop tuition is included in this cost) We do offer payment plans for the certification portion of the program.  Please contact us for more information.

*Remember: Pay the full tuition by September 30th 2014 and receive $200 off tuition.

Private Mentorship One on One Child Sleep Consultant Certification Program: 12 Weeks

This course is designed for the individual who would like to receive child sleep consultant training working directly one on one under Deborah’s supervision.  The course also will be set at a time that is convenient to the student’s schedule.  The certification format is identical to the class format as we cover all the same areas, homework, readings and final assignment, however the in depth individual training, focus and support is specialized to that students needs.  A student enrolled in this course has access to all the member forums and private student groups so they are part of the whole FSI child sleep consultant family of students and members. This is a very unique offering. Please feel free to contact Deborah for more information.

Tuition Investment – $4700

(*Applying to the FSI Certified Child Sleep Consultant Program does NOT guarantee acceptance! )  

If you would like an application for any of our child sleep consultant courses please contact us.

  • Please let us know what city/state/province and/or country you are currently living in.