Child Sleep Consultant Certification

The Two Part Process 

Part I: An Introduction into the World of Child Sleep Consulting

Part One of the Certification is a 4 week online distance learning course to give students a solid understanding of what it means to be a Child Sleep Consultant.  


Course Details:

Week 1: Evolution of The Sleep Consultant

We discuss the history of this profession and how it all came about.

Week 2: The Successful Sleep Consultant

We discuss the components that make for a successful sleep consultant and a few of the pioneer sleep consultants and the future of this profession.

Week 3: The Most Common Sleeping Issues

A breakdown of some of the most common sleeping issues we help families resolve

Week 4:  Business Aspects

What you will need to start, grow and maintain success in your business.


Next Course Date:  September 2015 – 4 week introduction -> 12 week Certification (specific start date still to be determined, please check back regularly for updated information)

Time: 1pm or 8pm Eastern Standard Time, once a week

Length of Class: 1 hour

Where: Online webinar, LIVE


Part II: 12 Week Child Sleep Consultant Certification Program

This is the 12 week online distance learning course which begins immediately following the Introductory Classes.  Together with the Introductory course and Child Sleep Consultant Certification, our child sleep consultant graduates complete over 80+ hours of training.


An Overview of the Topics We Will Cover:       

  • Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits from Birth Through Early Childhood: What are the components that make up healthy sleep?
  • Biological Sleep Milestones: stages and transitions
  • Safe Sleep Environments (SIDS for Professionals Course): this is a separate course and cost which you will need to complete as part of the certification requirements.
  • Common Sleeping Challenges and Solutions: behavioral, delayed onset of sleep, crying, fragmented sleep, parasomnias.
  • Child Development
  • Parent Coaching 101
  • Twins
  • Working with Families of Children With Special Needs
  • Medical Conditions which Effect Sleep: Learn how to recognize and refer to medical professionals, adjust sleep practices around these medical challenges, respecting the pediatrician’s perspective, PPD
  • Parenting Styles: How different parenting styles and philosophies determine the style of sleep parenting
  • Case Study Reviews: specific age groups, methods used appropriate to specific situations (parenting style consideration, working schedules, make up of family, layout of the home etc.) unusual challenges/situations
  • Business Aspects: Website Design, Database Management, Marketing, Pricing
  • New course offerings and instructors for continuing education requirements.


Faculty: (to read our faculty member bio’s click here)

Deborah Pedrick: Workshop and Certification Instructor

Becky Roosevelt:  Assistant Instructor and Student Mentor

Sharyn Timerman:  Child Development Specialist and Instructor

Dr. Sasha Carr: Parent Coaching 101, Instructor

Alanna McGinn and Jenn Kelner:  Twins – Instructors

Debbie Sasson, Psyd:  Special Needs – Instructor


Course Date:  Immediately following Part I  – 12 week Certification (see Introduction Course for date specifics)

Time: 1pm or 8pm Eastern Standard Time, once a week

Length of Class: 1.5 hours

Where: Online webinar, LIVE

Tuition Investment: $2900

Early Bird Registration Tiers:

$2700 (if the tuition is payed up front before May 31, 2015)

$2800 (if the tuition is payed up front before June 30, 2015)

$2900 July 31, 2015 tuition must be paid in full by this date

Application Process


Please fill out the form below so that we may contact you and find out more about you and your interest in becoming a Certified Child Sleep Consultant, receive the applications for enrollment and/or answer any questions you may have regarding the institute or our programs.

If requesting applications for enrollment for the upcoming program; once we set aside time to get to chat, answer any questions you may have about the course and make sure the fit is a match:

  • Applications will be sent to you via email
  • Complete, scan and send back in a .pdf format
  • An invoice will be sent through paypal for either the deposit or full tuition payment

(Please Note: applying to the Family Sleep Institute’s Child Sleep Consultant Certification Program does not guarantee acceptance)

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  • * Canadian Inquiries: applicants from the following provinces, Ontario and Saskatchewan, due to the growing demand in these areas there is limited acceptance, (note) if you have interest in joining one of our graduate Team based company in these locations, please contact: Ontario: Alanna McGinn of or Saskatchewan: Amanda Hudye of
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