Helping Your Child With Autism Get a Good Night’s Sleep – Web MD

During the first few months of life, babies ease into a normal cycle of sleep and wakefulness. They gradually reduce the number of daytime naps and start sleeping for longer periods of time at night. But some children continue to have difficulty falling asleep or sleeping through the night, and the problem can persist long after children start school. Sleep … Read More

Co-sleeping: proactive or reactive? by Sasha Carr, Ph.D.

Among new family clients who co-sleep one common concern I hear from parents is the fear that I’ll tell them that they “can’t co-sleep anymore”. In fact I’m not against co-sleeping and I believe it’s possible for it to work quite well for some families. The first question we need to answer is: are you co-sleeping for proactive or reactive … Read More

Over soothing?

If your baby is fighting your soothing efforts your baby might just be asking you to lay her down to sleep. Avoid over soothing!

Smart Sleep Stickers!!! What a great idea!

What a great idea Alanna, one of our current child sleep consultants students had. She posted this on her FB page and asked her followers to re-post the pic on their wall and if they do they will be entered into a contest to win a 3 day package of emails. Brilliant!!!!! Alanna of

Depression in mom can cause baby sleep disturbances

WASHINGTON — A new study suggests that if mom is depressed, she’s more likely to wake her baby up in the middle of the night, even if the baby is fine. Experts say if that happens occasionally, it’s not a problem. But if it happens often, it can lead to developmental issues. In the study, published in the journal Child … Read More

Case Study Review: Tonight!!!!

8pm EST. If you haven’t already emailed me to let me know if you will be attending please do, thanks and see you ladies tonight!!!!!