Daily Schedule for 4 Month Old – Diana Rosz with Pani Kolisanka – Poland

  Around the fourth month (ie around 16 weeks of age – the biological age counted from the estimated date of childbirth), the circadian rhythm begins to form. This is one of the first milestones in the development of baby’s sleep. During this period, the first regular snooze occurs – morning nap, which has a regenerating function for the mind. The second … Read More

Appropriate Bedtime, Ages 5-6 Years – Valerie Birch with Amazing Little Sleepers – Omaha, NB

It’s August and your child is back in school.  The BEST way to prepare our children for learning and success in and out of the classroom is to ensure they are receiving enough sleep each night.  Dr. Marc Weissbluth, well-renowned pediatrician and author of Health Sleep Habits, Happy Child states “children’s sleep habits directly impact behavior and school performance.”  Diving further to explain (something all … Read More