Never Wake a Sleeping Baby? – Bridget Kelly with Sleep Once More – Chicago, IL

We’ve all heard the phrase a million times “never wake a sleeping baby”. People are usually very surprised then, when they tell me their saga of sleepless nights or napless days and my recommendation includes the unthinkable- waking their sleeping baby. I wanted to take some time to highlight a few different situations where waking a baby is ok, even … Read More

Cuatro consejos para involucrar a papá en el sueño de mi bebé – Vivian Jacoby & Jill Ligator with Dulces Sueños Sleep Consulting – Costa Rica

Durante nuestras reuniones de trabajo con las familias que buscan mejorar su situación de sueño, es frecuente escuchar que el/la bebé solamente quiere dormirse o ser reconfortado por mamá. Creemos que esta situación puede ser frustrante para ambos padres, pues papá puede sentirse rechazado o inadecuado, mientras que puede llegar a ser muy cansado para mamá ser la única que … Read More

Sleeping Through The Night – Rozanne Hay with Sleep Baby Rescue – United Kingdom

There’s a huge game of one-up-man-ship being played by many new parents – and very often they are playing along whether they want to, or not. Dinner parties involve claims that ‘baby is sleeping through the night’ at some completely unrealistic milestones. This can make other parents feel inadequate or worry about the progress their own baby is making, so what’s really … Read More