Tips for Sleep Training Twins and Multiples – Ashley Rizzo with Sleep Dreams Consulting – New Canaan, CT

“Am I ever going to sleep again?”

The very first thought that popped into my mind when I discovered I was pregnant with my first AND second set of twins. The answer was and will be for you, yes.

All it takes is a little preparation, knowledge, and a plan in place! Take it from me and follow these few simple tips for sleep Training twins and multiples.

1.    Prioritize sleep

From day one, commit to prioritizing your family’s sleep.  That means ensuring very little interferes with your little one’s rest – errands, (non-emergant) doctor’s appointments, and yes, even outings with friends.

As your babies grow you will see a schedule emerge and with it windows of opportunities to be out and about visiting friends, taking care of well-visits, and checking things off your to-do list.

Sure your social life may take a hit, but would you rather catch up with a friend alongside a well-rested baby or with an irritable, overtired babe at your side?

2.    Start early

It is never too soon to introduce healthy sleep habits.  Nap and bedtime routines and a consistent sleep space conducive to sleep can be introduced from the start!

I encourage parents of multiples to work together to develop routines and sleep habits and expectations that work for everyone.

3.    Synchronize schedules

Ensure your little ones’ schedules are aligned. That means when they sleep, when they wake, and even when they eat. This will mean breaking the golden rule of infant sleep, never waking a sleeping baby (GASP), but the good news is that rule doesn’t apply to twins and multiples! Be a rebel, wake a baby, and get everyone on the same page.

I encourage a wake, eat, play, sleep schedule to allow time to settle any digestive issues and to disassociate eating with sleeping.

4.    Set expectations by adjusted age

Multiples are often born weeks to months early.  As you would for developmental milestones, consider their adjusted age when determining your expectations for their sleep goals and schedules.

5.    Relax and enjoy the ride

There will be days when naps are off, when one baby just won’t sleep, or when you need to be out and about and their whole sleep schedule has been thrown out the window.  That is ok! Embrace the chaos and the cuddles and know you can always start fresh tomorrow.