"The Family Sleep Institute's  Child Sleep Consultant Certification program's goal is to instruct and teach students on all aspects of sleep related training from newborns to school age children.  We feel it’s important for graduating Child Sleep Consultants to help the most families who are struggling with sleep issues regardless of their age and parenting styles. Since all families are different we feel it's critical that well trained Child Sleep Consultants are able to adjust advice and support to compliment the families parenting styles and wishes. The one philosophy that our Child Sleep Consultants do believe in is the one the works for that individual family.  Our certification program exceeds all others in: retention rate of graduates sustaining their businesses from completion of certification, total number of current graduates, graduates with higher educational degrees such as MD's and PhD's and average hours spent completing course requirements is over 250+, which is 3x more than other programs -Deborah Pedrick, Founder of familysleep.com, Pioneer Child Sleep Consultant, President and Instructor for the Family Sleep Institute's Child Sleep Consultant Certification

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